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7 Reasons to Visit Valladolid – Mexico’s Lesser-known Magic Town

7 Reasons to Visit Valladolid – Mexico’s Lesser-known Magic Town Last winter, I spent far longer in Mexico than intended. Initially, my plan had been to head down to Central America after whizzing around Mexico. However, I discovered that Mexico was too beautiful (and large!) to hurry. Valladolid in Yucatan state was one of the many lovely colonial cities I found myself lingering. The longer I spent there, the more I grew to love it. Central America could wait. Ironically, one of most alluring things about Valladolid is the fact that it doesn’t receive as many visitors as most...

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How to visit Antigua Guatemala on a Budget

How to visit Antigua Guatemala on a Budget   What to see in Antigua Antigua Guatemala is easily the most beautiful city in Central America. Situated in the Central Highlands, less than an hour’s drive from Guatemala City, it is a popular destination for well-heeled tourists and backpackers alike. It’s easy to understand why. The cobbled streets are dotted with crumbling ruins and picturesque plazas. With its lovely colonial buildings, galleries, restaurants and vibrant markets, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a feast for the eyes. The presence of several volcanoes including the magnificent Volcan Pacaya, which is in...

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Challenges faced by LGBTQ travelers and how to deal with them

How to Deal with Challenges that LGBTQ Travelers Face   Although things are changing, there are still 77 countries in the world where being LGBTQ is a crime. Ironically, despite not being (officially) welcome in many countries, members of the LGBTQ community are amongst the world’s most prolific travelers. Here are some of the challenges that may arise for LGBTQ globetrotters and how to deal with them.     Visiting countries which have anti-LGBTQ laws in place It would be easy for LGBTQ travelers to avoid visiting countries which discriminate against them, but this would mean missing out on...

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India’s Most Spiritual Destinations

Six Spiritual Destinations in India   With its many ashrams, colorful temples, and mysterious sacred rituals, India has always been a magnet for spiritual seekers. Here are a few of the most venerated destinations in the country, all of them captivating in their own unique way.                                                                 Varanasi   Situated on the banks of the River Ganges, ancient Varanasi is the most sacred city in all of India. Hindus who die in Varanasi are believed to receive enlightenment and many choose to live out their last days here. Death is in the air as smoke rises from the funeral pyres, just part of...

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