An Introduction: Travel to Somaliland

An Introduction: Travel to Somaliland The name Somaliland conjures up images of violence associated with Somalia, but the reality could not be more different. The people are mostly friendly and the capital city Hargeisa is rather laid back, as far as cities go. What is Somaliland all About? The world recognizes Somalia as being made …

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A Swim in Lake Tanganyika

I know I shouldn’t complain about business travel to Africa. It’s always a rewarding experience. But it’s also an exhausting one. For nearly three weeks I had been waking up at 6, cleaning out my work emails, and leaving the hotel by 7. We would be on the road all day seeing projects. With the sun long set, I would return to my hotel room, eat an overpriced and usually mediocre hotel meal, and crash. So when I suddenly found myself with a free afternoon in Burundi, I was thrilled.

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