Graffiti Tour of Porto, Portugal

I did not expect to see so much street art in Portugal. Especially in Porto, I was impressed with the sheer volume of exciting, creative, and intellectual graffiti. Granted, much of it is stenciling, either Bansky or Bansky inspired, but still, it’s fun to look at and sometimes thought provoking.

For four days, I walked all over Porto—in the daytime, at night, with a camera, with open eyes. There is something quite elegant and yet at the same time rundown about Porto’s city center. It is without a doubt my favorite European city for its size. If I returned again, I would do the same, walk and walk again—stop for coffees, join the massive street gatherings of youth in the late evening and stay out until dawn. Drink plenty of Super Bock. Soak up every bit of this city.

So here is a graffiti tour of Portugal’s most beautiful city:

Graffiti Tour of Porto, Portugal

grafitti porto portugal mona lisa

Famous Cock grafitti street art porto portugal

graffiti porto portugal non-lethal creativity

graffiti porto Saddam Hussein

graffiti porto love

Graffiti Tour of Porto, Portugal

Graffiti Tour of Porto, Portugal

Graffiti Tour of Porto, Portugal

graffiti porto portugal guitar

Text and photos by: Stephen Bugno

Have you been to Porto? Know of any other cities with good street art? Comment below.

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