travel costs in Malaysia

A Day of travel costs in Malaysia

A Day of travel costs in Malaysia

I want to give independent travelers an idea of costs for traveling in Malaysia because it can be really helpful when planning your budget. I hear a lot of travelers complain that Malaysia is more expensive than Thailand. That may be true in some cases, but I noticed that very touristic places in Thailand, such as beach resorts like Ko Phi Phi, can be more expensive than the average place in Malaysia.

Typically, prices in West Malaysia (peninsular Malaysia) are a bit cheaper than Borneo. Additionally, with the abundance of adventure tourism in Borneo, greater expenses can add up quite quickly. Especially when you factor in flying to and from Mulu National Park, which can easily add an extra $150 US to your trip.

Here is an example of the cost of an average day traveling in Malaysia.

A day’s travel costs in Malaysia


Approximately 4 Malaysian Ringget = 1 US dollar.

  • Breakfast: dim sum, kaya bun (baked), and tea at a Chinese bakery:  5 RM
  • Local bus to bus station: 1.50 RM
  • Bus from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan (about 6 ½ hours): 25 RM (bargained down from 30)
  • Lunch: Beef rendang with veggies, rice and tea at rest area:  6.50 RM
  • Local bus into city:  .90 RM
  • Hotel (shared double room at 38 RM): 19 RM
  • Afternoon tea with banana fritters: 2 RM
  • Dinner on the waterfront: 7 RM
  • Lime juice on ice at bar (for free wifi): 2 RM

Total:  68.9 RM = $17.06 US

A Day of travel costs in Malaysia
A fishmonger in Kota Kinabalu’s might market


Meals, accommodation, and transport

When I did multi-day treks in the National Park or wildlife sightseeing tours, expenses averaged  $40-50 US per day. Most travelers in Borneo do one or more of these trips, so factor that into your budget.

Prepared meals, transportation, and accommodation are quite inexpensive in Malaysia, although maybe not as cheap as in neighboring countries like Indonesia and Thailand. But if you are careful about spending and stay at the simplest guesthouses or hostels, eat at local kopitiam (“coffee shop” hawker stalls), and use public transportation, you could budget between $20-30 per day. Add additional for above mentioned tours.

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travel costs in Malaysia
Air Asia, Malaysia’s budget airline


In my experience, dorm beds have run from 15–40 RM and basic doubles with shared bath from 35-70 RM. Meals at street stalls and hawker centers range from about 1.50 RM for “economy” noodles to 6 RM for a nice bowl of laksa. Long distance buses are a good value as well. The 5 ½ hour trip from Penang to Kuala Lumpur is about 30 RM on a spacious, air-conditioned bus.

Malaysia is NOT one of the world’s great beer drinking nations, so I have almost eliminated beer out of my routine. The cheapest you can find beer is 5 or 6 RM per 330ml can. In bars it is much more expensive (8-20 RM). Being a Muslim-majority nation, you’ll have to search out bars or Chinese owned eating establishments to get a drink. My advice is to save your beer drinking for Vietnam!


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  3. Travel and food etc, seem to be much cheaper in most Asian countries than elsewhere. I have just returned from Cambodia and everything was very cheap. If I can’t have beer I won’t go to Malaysia. Since I began traveling beer from China,Japan,India,and Cambodia was always inexpensive and a great taste. Even Germany and Holland it was pretty reasonable from memory, When I’m home in OZ I hardly ever drink it! Valuable information in your post for backpackers.

    1. yair travelyn – beerr goodd … but do you like food ? Malaysia – in particularly Penang, is generally regarded by SEAsians as having the best food in SEAsia – so if you only want beer maybe go to … Hanoi – bia hoi – good, but if you want the best food – Penang Malaysia is the spot.

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  6. How is Malaysia for travelling with a 1year old? We are planning a trip the end of april beginning of may. Any advise on a budget itinerary for about 2 weeks? Would like to visit one place inland to see the teaplantations and then somewhere coastal with same vibe as thailand: kohtao or koh chang? How is the malaria risk for 1year old? Any advise will be deeply appreciated*
    Kind regards

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