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Photo of the Week: Rainbow over Iceland Coast

Iceland Rainbow Cape Dyrholaey and Seaside cliffs
A rainbow forms near Cape Dyrholaey on the coast of south Iceland.


It was part of a part of a packed day on Iceland’s South Coast, and this was only one of the many excellent views we had. Iceland is famed for its stunning landscape—one that changes hues based on the lighting and the fickle weather.

While I was looking out to sea and the rough waves crashing into the black sand beach, somebody said to turn around. There was this rainbow that appeared in front of the mountains, near Vik, along the south coast of Iceland.

The place we were standing is called is Cape Dyrhólaey, which is the southernmost part of Iceland, where you can see huge volcanic cliffs and spectacular sea views. Nearby is Reynisfjara, the black sand beach and basalt column formations. The weather here is severe and you’re bound to encounter high winds and rain or snow.

Besides Reynisfjara beach and Cape Dyrhólaey, the south coast of Iceland has much to offer. Two waterfalls are easily accessible along the ring road: Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. In addition, there are folk museums located by both.

A tongue of the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier could also be reached the same day. Here you can actually walk up to and touch the glacier as well as get a stark reminder of the effects of global warming due to the noticeable receding of the glacier.

The Eyjafjallajökull Erupts Visitor´s Center also makes an informative stop in South Iceland. The film there tells the story of a local family who survived the devastating eruption back in 2010. Remember the one that covered Europe in volcanic ask? That was Eyjafjallajökull.

I visited in November, and although chilly, it is still a good time to visit Iceland. There are fewer tourists and rates drop.

For more photos of the South Coast of Iceland, see my Flickr set: South Iceland Photo set

Text and photo by Stephen Bugno

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