luxembourg in winter

Photo of the Week: Winter in Luxembourg City

winter in luxembourg city

Winter in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is one of of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Much of that is due to its position high on an embankment over the river and lower town. It isn’t the most exciting place to keep travelers entertained, but it is worth visiting for a day. Need more convincing? Here are 8 Reasons to Visit Luxembourg.

Remember there is more to the country than just its capital. Although the country is small, the public transportation is efficient and there are a few nice hikes in the countryside. I visited in the winter and the weather was pleasant enough for a walk. I loved the light on the city in the early morning and the way the smoke was rising from the chimneys.

Luxembourg is situated on the rail lines between France, Belgium, and Germany and makes a nice stop any time of year.

winter in luxembourg city


winter in luxembourg

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