Middleton, Queensland

Photo of the Week: Remote Middleton Queensland

Remote Middleton, Queensland

We pull into Middleton.  There’s no settlements for more than a 100 km on either side of this former staging post. It’s hot, windy, and my face feels bits of dust getting picked up by the gusts. When the breeze dies down, the flies come.

It isn’t comfortable, but I didn’t come here for comfort. I came for an adventure. I came to experience something different. I came to see this wide open, tough country.

Middleton was an old stage on the nine-part series of stations connecting Boulia to Winton through Outback Queensland. It’s what Cobb & Co used to deliver the mail. They were like a private Pony Express company with each station serving as rest and change area for their horses. It’s desolate country between these two towns. Here, about half way between, is Middleton. There used to be a hotel but now it’s in ruin. But there’s still a pub where two people manage to survive despite their solitary living conditions. They even have rooms to rent for the night if you want to experience what it’s like.

But we only stayed 15 minutes, enough for me to take these photos…and get some dirt in my hair.

Be inspired by Outback Queensland, where the land and the people tell Australia’s story.

For more, visit, Outback Queensland’s website: http://www.outbackqueensland.com.au/ 

Middleton, Queensland
Middleton, Queensland
Middleton, Queensland

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