Photo of the Week: The Green Road of Paradise

Chishang 1In the East Rift Valley in eastern Taiwan there is a paddy field, so vast and so mesmerizingly beautiful that the road that the main road that traverses it is called “the green road of paradise”.

Sandwiched by majestic mountains, this sea of immaculate green fields is situated in Chishang Township. Chishang has made a name for itself in Taiwan and much of Asia due to the high quality of the rice that is grown here.

The culture and landscapes that have developed around the town’s rice industry have led to its transformation into a must-see destination for those visiting the East Rift Valley. If you are there at the right time, you will see a sea of golden paddy ripe for harvest.

Chishang 2In recent years, this green road to paradise is better known as Mr. Brown Avenue. So called when Mr. Brown Coffee shot an advertisement here and instantly turned it into a tourist magnet.

One of the most calming and relaxing experience to have is to ride a bicycle along the many paths that crisscross the vast expanse of green, see farmers working in the field, listen to birds chirping under the sunny blue sky, and let the cool breeze caress your face.Chishang 3

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  1. William McGregor

    The green paddy fields are really mesmerizing and makes me fall for it whenever i see them, really a great work Noel, keep up the good work going.

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