Gavathas Church in Lesvos Greece

This photo of Gavathas Church is a classic image you might picture when thinking of Greece. I was driving around Lesvos Island and took a detour down the side road off the mountain. Four kilometers down through olive groves I came to the little coastal village of Gavathas where I found this church up on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. The quiet village looked inviting but I headed straight to the church. Gavathas wasn’t on my itinerary but sometimes making your own discoveries is half the fun of traveling. On the hill above the village, I could see what a beautiful and sleepy place Gavathas is.

Gavathas Church Lesvos Greece

Despite its location, far from the bigger towns, Gavathas does draw some tourists. Here they enjoy clear blue waters on both sides of town and fresh local meals at the nearby tavernas. There is a small but active fishing harbor and adequate accommodation to serve the travelers that do make it here. (There are more places to stay in nearby Antissa.) The dry coastline stretches both east and west here and there is a clear view across the Aegean to Turkey.

The beach at Gavathas is a good one for those who like sandy beaches, although when the wind blows from the north there can be waves and blowing sand. I arrived on a Sunday afternoon and found no one on the beach or anywhere in the village. Except, at least in the tavernas. Both tavernas I visited were both packed with families. I picked Gavathas at random this day but I was told the whole north coast of Lesvos was untouristy and naturally beautiful. This was a nice reminder to budget extra time in your day for exploring and follow your nose when something looks inviting.

Gavathas Church Lesvos Greece

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