How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara, Romania

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara Romania

Sibiu and Timisoara may not be widely known to people thinking about visiting Romania. Bucharest or Count Dracula’s Castle may be the first thing that comes to mind when they hear about traveling to Romania, but the two cities I’ve mentioned are ideal options for discovering the beauty of the country, even if you only have a weekend to spare.

So, let’s find out how to spend two days in Sibiu and Timisoara Romania!

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara Romania

Sibiu: One of the most picturesque cities in Romania

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara, Romania

If on your travels you like the setting of the old town with its pedestrian streets and alleys leading to large squares, impressive churches and cathedrals, then Sibiu is the ideal destination because it combines all of the above. It is a medieval city with a little less than 150,000 inhabitants, located in the center of Romania, in Transylvania.

Starting your day

Starting your day early in the morning, the first thing to do is to wander the alleys of the medieval city, admire the architecture of the houses and walk the cobbled streets of the city center. The old town is divided into the Upper Town section and the Lower Town section. You can wander around both parts of the town, walk down Nicolae Bălcescu Street to pick up your souvenirs and end up in the huge central square of Sibiu. This is the largest square in Transylvania and one of the largest in the whole of Romania. Around the perimeter of the square, there are plenty of options for coffee or dining if you want to enjoy local flavors and catch your breath before continuing your tour of the city.

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara, Romania

After resting in the main square, you can visit the Muzeul Național Brukenthal located at the edge of the square to admire medieval Transylvanian artworks and more. A few meters away from the museum is the impressive Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church which you can also visit.

Walking in the historic city center, a few meters away from the large town square is the small Sibiu Square with the famous Turnul Sfatului, a 13th-century tower which you can climb up and admire the magnificent panoramic view of the city!

Romantic close of your day

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara, Romania

Closing your day, leave the Bridge of Lies for the end after the night has fallen. This is the most romantic spot in Sibiu, where, according to one of the many versions of the legend, the bridge will collapse when someone tells a lie while standing on it. Anyway, the lighting of the bridge at night makes it one of the most romantic spots in the city.

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Timisoara: The City of Flowers

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara is a city in western Romania, with about 300,000 inhabitants, located 270 km from Sibiu. It is the European Capital of Culture 2023 and is widely known as the first city to revolt in 1989 against the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu.

Timisoara combines large squares, many parks with greenery, and historical sites in the city center and it is no coincidence that it was chosen to be a cultural capital, originally for 2021 but due to COVID-19 it was moved to 2023.

The first thing you realize when you set foot in the old town of Timisoara is that it is a place with a long history, imposing baroque buildings, impressive castles, churches and cathedrals.

Walk around the old city

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara, Romania

Starting your day in Timisoara, I would advise you to choose the southern entrance to enter the old town. Entering from there, you will stumble upon the impressive “Three Hierarchs” Metropolitan Cathedral. The architectural style of the exterior of the cathedral is reminiscent of a castle out of a fairy tale, while the interior of the cathedral is even more impressive. The cathedral is open to the public and is an ideal start to your visit to Timisoara.

Victory Square

As soon as you exit the cathedral, the city’s first major square, Victory Square, opens up in front of you. Beautiful gardens with a fountain in the center and the imposing cathedral in the background. Crossing the square you will reach the impressive building of the city’s Opera House, while a few meters away, a metal hanging tower-garden “The Nursery 1306 – Plants for Timisoara” has been erected as part of the Cultural Capital, which anyone can climb up and gaze down on the surrounding area from above.

Liberty Square

From there, you will walk along the impressive and picturesque Alba Iulia pedestrian street with its characteristic hanging colorful umbrellas which leads you to the second large square of the city, Liberty Square. Beautiful neoclassical and baroque buildings line the perimeter of the square and in the center is the St. Mary and St. John of Nepomuk Monument.

Union Square

How to Spend Two Days in Sibiu and Timisoara, Romania

The last, and for the author of this article, the most impressive square in Timisoara is Union Square. Union Square is the oldest square in Timisoara and the most important reserve of Baroque architecture in the city. A statue stands in the center of the square, surrounded by a lot of greenery and benches around it. The square houses some of the most valuable monuments of Timișoara, such as the two cathedrals, one Roman Catholic and one Serbian Orthodox, the Baroque Palace, the Plague Column and more. Of course, besides the impressive buildings located in the square there are many options to drink coffee, beer or enjoy a traditional dish of food.

In the afternoon you can visit the city’s Botanical Park while what the author suggests ending your day in Timisoara is to visit the Iulius Gardens. Enchanting gardens in an exquisitely landscaped setting to relax from a long day while sipping your drink in an oasis of greenery!

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A piece of advice

To sum up, Sibiu and Timisoara are two cities of unique beauty that are worth visiting if you are thinking of traveling to Romania. They can be combined for a road trip of even three days, dedicating a day and a half to each city! In fact, that’s what I did and it was the perfect amount of time to explore both cities!

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