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Experiencing Puerto Vallarta like a Local

This month’s guest post is by Jill Zwarensteyn, an actress, and writer from Los Angeles, California who blogs at She’s been coming to Puerta Vallarta for the last 20 years. Experiencing Puerto Vallarta like a Local I’ve had a love affair with the Mexican coastal city of Puerto Vallarta for the last 20 years. I’ve experienced it as an awkward kid, a smitten teenager, an adventurous adult, and even a local resident. I probably know Puerto Vallarta just as well as I know my hometown in Michigan or my current city of residence, Los Angeles. So allow me to...

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Molyvos Harbor of Lesvos, Greece

Molyvos Harbor of Lesvos, Greece When I arrive, Theofilos tells me Molyvos is a five-star town. It won’t take me long to see what he’s talking about. The old town here is capped with a Byzantine-era castle and the lower town has some nice harbor-front restaurants, sweeping views of the coast, and really friendly residents. The relaxed town is fashioned the “tourist capital of Lesvos” but even in mid-May there are hardly any tourists around. “Authentic lifestyle” comes to mind more easily than “touristy”. Greece is known for its delicious cuisine, but it’s especially fresh and well-prepared on the island of Lesvos. On...

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Know this Before Dancing in Cuba

This post is a special feature by Lisa Neylan. Know this Before Dancing in Cuba Cuba captivates on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin. From old cars to sidecars and horseback rides to mountaintop ziplines, the daylight hours will never disappoint. It is imperative, however, to save some energy for the unequivocal swoon factor of this island nation: Dance. After twelve days of dedicated booty shaking, we came away with more than a few new moves and a handful of observations. Below is a summary of our findings–but I won’t blame you if you must go...

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Best Places to get Outside in Kyrgyzstan

Best Places to get Outside in Kyrgyzstan   Kyrgyzstan is an excellent destination to get outdoors. There are numerous ways and places for outdoor adventures including hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, swimming, whitewater rafting, skiing, cycling, and more. Think of a country filled with craggy mountains, green pastures, alpine meadows, and hundreds of lakes. Then think of very hospitable semi-nomadic Kyrgyz people who make their summer homes up in the high-altitude pastures, many of whom welcome travelers and hikers to stay overnight or offer meals. It’s hard to find a better nature-culture 1-2 punch anywhere on the planet. In fact,...

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Introducing: Semi-Nomadic Life in Kyrgyzstan

Introducing: Semi-Nomadic Life in Kyrgyzstan Time to milk the mares. Up on the jailoo (pasture) in rural Kyrgyzstan, female horses are milked up to six times per day. Their milk is made into kumis – a lightly fermented drink that is popular among Kyrgyz people as well as travelers who stop by roadside stalls, (or a local’s yurt!) to buy some. We stopped by this family’s yurt to taste kumis and eat fresh homemade bread and cream. It was a short detour on the second day of our trip around Kyrgyzstan. When our guide asked, “Do you want to taste...

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