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Best Places to get Outside in Kyrgyzstan

Best Places to get Outside in Kyrgyzstan   Kyrgyzstan is an excellent destination to get outdoors. There are numerous ways and places for outdoor adventures including hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, swimming, whitewater rafting, skiing, cycling, and more. Think of a country filled with craggy mountains, green pastures, alpine meadows, and hundreds of lakes. Then think of very hospitable semi-nomadic Kyrgyz people who make their summer homes up in the high-altitude pastures, many of whom welcome travelers and hikers to stay overnight or offer meals. It’s hard to find a better nature-culture 1-2 punch anywhere on the planet. In fact,...

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Introducing: Semi-Nomadic Life in Kyrgyzstan

Introducing: Semi-Nomadic Life in Kyrgyzstan Time to milk the mares. Up on the jailoo (pasture) in rural Kyrgyzstan, female horses are milked up to six times per day. Their milk is made into kumis – a lightly fermented drink that is popular among Kyrgyz people as well as travelers who stop by roadside stalls, (or a local’s yurt!) to buy some. We stopped by this family’s yurt to taste kumis and eat fresh homemade bread and cream. It was a short detour on the second day of our trip around Kyrgyzstan. When our guide asked, “Do you want to taste...

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Gavathas Church in Lesvos Greece

Gavathas Church in Lesvos Greece This photo of Gavathas Church is a classic image you might picture when thinking of Greece. I was driving around Lesvos Island and took a detour down the side road off the mountain. Four kilometers down through olive groves I came to the little coastal village of Gavathas where I found this church up on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. The quiet village looked inviting but I headed straight to the church. Gavathas wasn’t on my itinerary but sometimes making your own discoveries is half the fun of traveling. On the hill above the...

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Photo of the Week: Mountainside Greek village of Stipsi Lesvos

Mountainside Greek village of Stipsi Lesvos One of the aspects of traveling on Lesvos, Greece that I wasn’t expecting and really enjoyed was driving through the beautiful mountainside villages. Villages like Stipsi (or Stypsi). Actually, let me clarify. It was a little stressful driving my compact car though these centuries-old villages because the road going through the center of the village was always one narrow lane! But even from the car, it was cool to get a glimpse of life in these sleepy and relatively remote towns. Stipsi, like other villages on Lesvos, is constructed entirely of stone houses...

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Photo of the Week: Sadhus at Pashupatinath Hindu Temple Kathmandu

Sadhus at Pashupatinath Hindu Temple Kathmandu Visiting Pashupatinath Hindu Temple in Kathmandu is a reminder of why we travel. It puts us face to face with a culture and religion vastly different than our own (assuming that you, the reader, are not from India or Nepal). It exposes us to a totally different belief system and challenges us to face an alternative way of viewing life and death. Pashupatinath is a sprawling assortment of temples, ashrams, images, and inscriptions raised over the past few centuries along the banks of the sacred Bagmati river. The temple is dedicated to Pashupatinath....

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