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What to See and Do in Myanmar

What to See and Do in Myanmar What to See and do in Myanmar? You’ve landed in the right place.  After my second trip to Myanmar, I’ve seen some of the best that the country has to offer. Even though I love Malaysia and Thailand, I’d probably consider Myanmar the best overall travel experience in southeast Asia. Here’s what to See and Do in Myanmar: Walk around Yangon Although it’s the obvious starting point for a trip to Myanmar, most travelers don’t linger here. For me, it’s one of the most interesting cities in southeast Asia. It doesn’t have a lot of traditional...

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The Benefits of a Homestay while Traveling

The Benefits of a Homestay while Traveling The following is a guest post from Street & Documentary Photographer, Sebastian Jacobitz, who blogs at Streetbounty. There are many different accommodation options during your travels. From classic hotels to modern alternatives like Couchsurfing or Airbnb. While hotels try to offer some sort of quality standard, they are also often the most expensive choice. To save some money and gather great experiences, I decided to live with a local family for five weeks in the Indonesian jungle. Choosing a “homestay” was the best decision I made for that trip and the memories will forever be...

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Fly Around Turkey and Discover Its Hidden Destinations

Fly Around Turkey and Discover Its Hidden Destinations Image from   Turkey is a vast and interesting country with so many destinations still undiscovered by mainstream tourism. You might be aware of the Arabian delights of Istanbul or the beautiful sandy beaches of Bodrum but there is so much more to see. Here you find out more about 5 of these hidden destinations in Turkey that most travelers are yet to discover. Consider your next flight ticket booking to be a destination in Turkey and discover the hidden gems of this country.   Cappadocia the land of the fairy homes and wild horses. This area is like something from another world. You won’t find anywhere else like this in the world and it is surely a once in a lifetime visit. A popular thing to do for visitors here is to take a hot air balloon ride and explore the area from above. From the ground, you’ll find Bronze Age homes carved into valley walls by ancient cave dwellers which were later used as refuges by early Christians. There are also outstanding carved rock face churches to see. Cappadocia is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, so visit the area whilst it is still in the shadows.   Antakya the food lover’s heaven in the south-east The city is known for its delicious cuisine and it is one that...

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Experiencing Puerto Vallarta like a Local

This month’s guest post is by Jill Zwarensteyn, an actress, and writer from Los Angeles, California who blogs at She’s been coming to Puerta Vallarta for the last 20 years. Experiencing Puerto Vallarta like a Local I’ve had a love affair with the Mexican coastal city of Puerto Vallarta for the last 20 years. I’ve experienced it as an awkward kid, a smitten teenager, an adventurous adult, and even a local resident. I probably know Puerto Vallarta just as well as I know my hometown in Michigan or my current city of residence, Los Angeles. So allow me to...

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Molyvos Harbor of Lesvos, Greece

Molyvos Harbor of Lesvos, Greece When I arrive, Theofilos tells me Molyvos is a five-star town. It won’t take me long to see what he’s talking about. The old town here is capped with a Byzantine-era castle and the lower town has some nice harbor-front restaurants, sweeping views of the coast, and really friendly residents. The relaxed town is fashioned the “tourist capital of Lesvos” but even in mid-May there are hardly any tourists around. “Authentic lifestyle” comes to mind more easily than “touristy”. Greece is known for its delicious cuisine, but it’s especially fresh and well-prepared on the island of Lesvos. On...

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