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Traditional Korean Village at Hahoe

Traditional Korean Village at Hahoe Outside of high-season, Hahoe village is quiet. The soft morning light paints an orange glow on the thatched-roofed houses. The village is surrounded by fields. But now, in the early spring they lie barren and brown. The trees only have the smallest buds. Beyond the brown, lifeless fields is the river and beyond that, the hills. Hahoe Folk Village is well-known for its traditional houses. Although tourism has been gently established, the village is still very much occupied with agriculture in the surrounding fields and local residents go about their normal life. A few...

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Two Days in Hong Kong

Two Days in Hong Kong Ideally you’d want more time. But two days in Hong Kong is a great introduction to the main tourist sights plus a little off-the-beaten-track exploration. It’s a fascinating place with pulsating urban centers, sleepy outlying islands, and inspiring secluded hills. It’s got delicious food options and surprisingly excellent hiking trails. But Hong Kong is a better place to visit than live–it just topped the world’s top ten most expensive places to live, in terms of real estate prices. Unfortunately, expensive property translates into pricey hotel beds. To save money, search on-line and book ahead...

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Photo of the Week: Dusk in Seoul

Dusk in Seoul Travelers are lucky to catch a sunset like this over Seoul. The city is one of the most awesome urban spaces in the world, with 15 million inhabitants packed into its core and an additional 10 million surrounding the city. Mountains pop up all over the city and hiking is one of the most revered pastimes here. Dusk in Seoul can be beautiful, especially if you witness this time of the day on one of the mountains. Namsan (Nam Mountain) is one of the most popular climbs in the city. Situated right in the center, Namsan is...

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Photo of the Week: Scenic Village of Hallstatt, Austria

Scenic Village of Hallstatt, Austria On the edge of Hallstätter See (lake) below the towering Dachstein mountains, Austria’s oldest and possibly most photographed village attracts more tourists than it can perhaps handle. The scenic village of Hallstatt, Austria is known for its production of salt, dating back to prehistoric times, and gave its name to the ancient Hallstatt culture, dating back to the Early Iron Age of Europe, c.800–450 BC. The salt deposits have been exploited as early as the 2nd millennium BC contributed to the area’s prosperity up to the middle of the 20th century. This prosperity is...

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Photo of the Week: St. Gellert Baths Budapest

St. Gellert Baths Budapest To experience the elegance, history, and swankiness of Budapest first-hand, all while getting a healthful rejuvenation, visit St. Gellert Baths Budapest. Budapest is the city of Spas and thermal waters were first exploited here by the Romans. They had over 15 baths built and the foundations can still be seen today. The Ottomans also made use of the healing waters during their 150 year rule and baths from this period can be seen at Rudas and Kiraly. Szechenyi may be the largest spa complex in Europe today, by it’s the St. Gellert Thermal Baths Budapest...

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