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How to travel in Cuba on a shoestring budget

Travel in Cuba on a budget Cuba can surprise as well as exceed the expectations of every traveler. It’s a one-of-a-kind place that seems to be trapped in time with vintage cars lumbering past faded colonial buildings; men and women dancing salsa at Havana’s malecon; Cubans move to a rhythm travelers are oblivious to. These are just some of the exotic images we all have of Cuba. As traveling to Cuba gets easier and cheaper, more and more wanderlusters are adding it into their bucket list. However, traveling in Cuba is still quite expensive, as the tourism infrastructure is set...

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Photo of the Week: The Green Road of Paradise

In the East Rift Valley in eastern Taiwan there is a paddy field, so vast and so mesmerizingly beautiful that the road that the main road that traverses it is called “the green road of paradise”. Sandwiched by majestic mountains, this sea of immaculate green fields is situated in Chishang Township. Chishang has made a name for itself in Taiwan and much of Asia due to the high quality of the rice that is grown here. The culture and landscapes that have developed around the town’s rice industry have led to its transformation into a must-see destination for those...

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Photo of the Week: Las Lajas Sanctuary

Churches and shrines have been built in beautiful settings, but none comes close to the stunning yet precarious location of the Las Lajas Santuary. Located in the state of Nariño in southern Colombia, the building sits perilously on a 130 feet tall bridge built over the Guaitara river, at less than seven miles from the Ecuadorean border. According to local legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to an Amerindian woman and her deaf-mute daughter in 1754 when they were hiding from a storm. At that moment, the daughter was cured of her disability. A chapel was then built on the...

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Five Beautiful Colonial Towns in Colombia

Five Beautiful Colonial Towns in Colombia Colombia is no longer a well-kept secret travel destination in South America. With huge improvement on safety and the country’s tourism board spending millions of dollars in promotion, Colombia is emerging from its haunting past to be in the bucket list of many wanderlusters. There are many reasons why Colombia is drawing visitors from all over the world; with fairytale-like Cartagena, wild exotic beaches of Parque Tayrona, cool coffee country, ancient ruins of San Agustin, and the warmest people you will ever meet. For travelers with a bit more time to venture off...

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Photo of the Week: San Juan Chamula

San Juan Chamula, about 10km from San Cristobal de Las Casas in the Chiapas highland in southern Mexico, is the commerce and religious hub of the fiercely independent Tzotzil Maya community. The Chamulas still dressed in their traditional attires and have their own police force; no outside police or military are allowed in the town. Although the town itself is nothing to shout about, hundreds of visitors still descend upon this indigenous town daily, drawn by the exotic culture, native handicrafts, and the strange practices that go on in the town’s church. Described as a mixed of Catholicism, ancient...

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