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10 Essential Japanese Eating Experiences

Japan has a mind boggling array of eating establishments that cover all budgets, tastes, and quirks. However, for inexperienced visitors to this gastronomic fantasy land deciding where to eat and then picking up the courage to sit down and order can be very difficult. Hopefully these ten picks will help travelers get fed without resorting …

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Your Guide to Malaysian Food

Your Guide to Malaysian Food Malaysia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. And this diversity translates wonderfully in its cuisine. Masterfully manipulating local ingredients with notable Chinese and Indian influence, Malaysian food is rich in flavor and tantalizing in its diversity. Malaysian food explained It is an impossible mission to …

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Chinese Cooking Lessons in Dali, China

Chinese Cooking Lessons in Dali, China Taking a cooking class is a great way to enhance your short holiday or long-term travels. Almost every place that I travel to, I see cooking classes available—be it in Thailand or Italy, Argentina or Vietnam, Mexico or Morocco. I had been lingering in the laid back town of …

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Eating in Guangxi China

Some specialties of Guangxi Province China is a foodie’s utopia—the regional diversity of offerings is outstanding. Although it can’t compete with the powerhouse food regions like Sichuan, Beijing, or Guangdong, Guangxi Province still had some interesting food culture to investigate. Guangxi Province is located in southern China, west of Hong Kong and Macau. It’s most …

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Beer Touring Vermont

When I think of Vermont, I think about the Green Mountains, skiing, and dairy cows. I also think about beer. Vermont is tops when it comes to New England Brewing. In a region saturated with great beer, Vermont shines. Much of my recent road trip through the northeastern United States revolved around brewery hopping. Unfortunately, …

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Top 10 Turkish Foods

Geographically speaking, Turkey lies on the frontier of Asia and Europe. This location has influenced Turkey on many planes – culturally, historically, politically, economically, socially. The food, too, has seen influences of both worlds. Here are some of the Turkish food you should try on your next visit! Yaprak Sarma Yaprak Sarma consist of wrapped …

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