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Photo of the Week: Old Town Langzhong

Photo of the Week: Old Town Langzhong Though perhaps more famous amongst travelers for cuddly pandas and fiery food, China’s Sichuan province is also home to some of the country’s most atmospheric restored old villages. Historic towns that have been around for thousands of years, once-great seats of empires from an era when current-capital Chengdu was simultaneously a distant memory and an unforeseeable future. Of these the most famous, and arguably the most beautiful, is the historic center of old town Langzhong (阆中). A sea of slate rooftops stretching towards the Jiangling River on three sides and a row of...

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Your Travel Guide to Jiuzhaigou National Park in Sichuan, China

Your Travel Guide to Jiuzhaigou National Park Southwest China is one of my favorite places in the world, and Jiuzhaigou National Park is one of the best places in Southwest China. Far in the north of Sichuan province, ten hours by bus from Chengdu or several days overland to Lanzhou, this remote Tibetan area’s snow-capped mountains and clear-water lakes rank among the most beautiful national parks I’ve visited in any country anywhere. Introduction: Jiuzhaigou National Park The name Jiuzhaigou(九寨沟)translates to “Nine Village Valley”, a reference to the Tibetan villages that are dotted throughout the valley, though only seven of them are...

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Photo of the Week: Monte Carlo Harbour in Monaco

Photo of the Week: Monte Carlo Harbour in Monaco Monte Carlo is not exactly budget traveler territory. The city at the heart of the Principality of Monaco on the French Riviera is the territory of Bond girls, fast cars, and flashy yachts; and also an area that receives relatively little time on backpacker itineraries of Europe. It’s expensive, out of the way, and the best bits can feel a touch inaccessible to the average independent traveler. It also happens to be a beautiful city, tucked into a notch at the foot of the Alps and built around a huge harbor...

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Ask Gomad Nomad: China Travel Tips

China Travel Tips This month’s ‘Ask GoMad Nomad‘ column on China Travel Tips comes from arguably one of East Asia’s most polarizing travel destinations. Reader Kevin B. is planning a path a bit off the beaten track in China and has some concerns about both the logistics and the difficulty of traveling in more remote regions of the country:   Dear GoMad Nomad, I’ll be traveling to China soon. My plan is to head a little bit off the beaten track, particularly into the Tibetan areas of Sichuan province. I don’t speak Chinese so I know it’s going to...

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Your Travel Guide to Chilean Patagonia

Your Travel Guide to Chilean Patagonia Patagonia. It’s a place that means much to many, from a voyage of discovery for Magellan or economic opportunities for early 19th century European settlers to adventure or luxury for modern travelers; and of course the native cultures and environmental bounty that both stand in danger of disappearing completely. It is, not quite literally, the southern edge of anywhere. Yet with all this potential, and all the beauty, most visitors to Chilean Patagonia pop in for a week to visit the most famous national park before heading back home. While no touristic visit will ever...

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